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Pupular Board & Train Services

Whether it’s a dangerous or terrified rescue or the sweetest new addition to your home, we’ve got you covered! We handle most behavioural issues, ranging from severe cases of aggression and anxiety to the most annoying and frustrating examples of overexcitement. The results of all our training programs are roughly the same. It’s only the starting points that differ.

Obedience Training

Suited for any dog or puppy over the age of 11 weeks who needs to learn the basics or to control their excitement!

Guaranteed Results

from $2,200
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Dog Anxiety Training

Anxiety Training

Is your pooch afraid of strangers, harsh noises, or being left alone or confined? This program is for you.

Guaranteed Results

from $4,000
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Aggressive dog barking

Dog Aggression

For dogs who display aggressive signs towards people or dogs for any reason. These issues often overlap strongly with anxiety.

Guaranteed Results

from $4,000
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Our Happy Clients

With a 4.8 star Google Reviews rating and an astonishing 26,000+ words of praise on our testimonials page, you can rest assured that your precious pup is in good hands with Mellow Vibes Dog Training
4.8 stars on Google Reviews
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Mellow Vibes Dog Training

Training Gallery: Tricks of the Trade

Here’s a selection of videos ranging from cute trick clips to the showcase compilations for some of our past students. Want to see more? Visit our training videos page for a categorized look at our latest training videos!
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